Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Tropical Experience

once there was a tropical island in the middle of the pacific ocean.

and on this tropical island, we have lily, the sea lion.

she met a shark named bruce. and then bruce said, "hiya, ah'm bruce, the great white shark. ah'm frum tennessee."

and then lily said, "i never met a shark before. certainly not one from a landlocked state."
then bruce said, "ah always wanted to be from an exotic place like tennessee. so how's about ya'll fetch me a fish like a good lil lady."

"i will most certainly NOT!!!!"

"and one more thing, bruce, don't call me a little lady."
and then the two of them started singing a random song.
first lily started off the first line - "you want some toast, i bet you do."
then bruce sang the next chorus - "please add some jam and butter too."
"we're out of grape, so sad. it's all your fault you bad shark," said lily.

and then lily kept singing, "why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends. why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends? i take a bag of friendship every day, yeah."

"hey bruce, look at me! i'm being a babysitter with a ponytail, not looking after the baby, but on the phone with my friend! 'hey ashley, so like what doya wanna talk about? oh, i'm babysitting.' "

"ah'm green beard the pirate. yar har har! gimme some oats, dude."

then they looked up into the tree and bruce said, "it's been a long day for me. ah'd better get back to tennessee now. you be a good lil lady for me now, ya hear?"
"don't call me little lady! but i will be good... i guess," said lily.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Super Poop and the Eclipse of Toiletropolis

super poop was just waking up & looking out the window and it was black.

super poop & poopalinda went outside to see why it was so dark.
then super poop said, "there's something coming out of the sky!"
poopalinda agreed.

and then, there was super poop's long lost dog, snoop.
poopalinda agreed.

super poop was thinking... then he decided that if he combines forces with snoop, they can fly up into the air and smash the eclipse to make it go away.
then away they flew up into the sky on their magical power rainbows, but super poop's idea didn't work. snoop whined.
poopalinda agreed.

it worked for a second, but then, it was pitch black again.
poopalinda agreed.

the next morning, the boy came in with something in his hand. he wanted to drop it in the toilet.

the thing in the boy's hand was a statue of super poop & snoop!
snoop liked it right away. he peed on it right away to mark it as his own.

then the boy knew what to do. he spent all night in his garage building something.
it was an ENLARGER RAY!

the boy had to go to school right away, but super poop & snoop kept following him.
they boy sighed, "come with me."
he told them to sit down in those chairs.

then the teacher walked in. then the class said, "hello, mr franklin!"
mr franklin was very, very strict. he thought he'd seen everything. he'd seen a bunny eating steak. he'd seen a turtle roaring.
but he'd never seen turds like these.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

christmas and kookiness

ignom people ignom is hi in alien. taha.  It is brooke
                           mom did these wen she was a  kid    
up here is lori.
this is not lori
this is bobby
mom is a kid here.good bye

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Stupid Pants

i'm looking for a pair of pants to wear so i can go for a walk with my mom.
these don't feel right... nope, not one bit.
they're so stupid! i'm gonna try to rip you!!!!!
ROAR! i can't rip you!!!
i'm so mad at you, i think this worked!  RRRIIIIPPPPP!
i need another pair of pants. these don't work. these don't work. these don't work. these don't work.

i had to wear one of my bad pairs of pants to go on a walk with my mom.
"mommy, do you ever have pants issues?"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

stuff that doesn't make any sense

my belly was hurting because i drank too much apple juice & had sweet potato quesadillas. and so i'm yelling, "what kind of juice did i drink?" and mommy said, "i don't know!" and i kept saying that thing over & over & she kept answering me the same repeatedly. finally she walked to the fridge & said, "kiwi strawberry."

and now i'm going to say some really weird words.

ok, so now, i'm going to repeatedly have a fake conversation with myself.
why do i not like meat?
i like shrimp.

this is a very weird conversation with myself.
why won't you stop talking?!
i'm just talking to myself.

now, this video might be disturbing to some viewers. it is called monkey farts.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

hyperbole and a brooke

hello everyone! if you are an allie brosh fan, then you might like this post. i love her blog so much, that i want to act this post out.

first off, i'll start on her post, "dog".

Nim is playing the part of the angry cat from the cat safety propaganda video.

nim says, "I HATE YOU!"