Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Computer Maniac

I start off the morning thinking about computers and what I'm going to do on them. I think of random possibilites that could happen on there, but most of them probably won't happen.

I walk one room down to the computer room and sit down in the chair. Once the computer is turned on, I log on to animaljam.com, my email, and I listen to some Owl City songs on youtube.

My cat Nim always goes on top of the chair when I go on the computer. If I pet her, she'll start flapping her tail and then when I stop petting her and put my head back on the chair, she'll slap my head and bite my hair.

Usually at this time, I'll go for food or to the bathroom, but not today. Lol, that was the potato talking.

"My goodness, child, isn't your bladder full?" said Me, to myself.

Wow, Bob, look at that kid go! She can play on the computer ALL DAY! <------ said in my best announcer voice.

Me, thinking to myself, "man, I've got to pee, but the computer is so fun. I'll just hold it."

My mom forces me to play with my toys in my room, or do something creative.

My brain was looking through my files, aka, memories, and thinking about what I could do in there besides play with my toys. I could watch tv, but meh, that doesn't sound very good right now. Light bulb goes on in my brain!

And thus, I'm not bored. I'm now playing on my DSi for endless time today.