Friday, December 10, 2010

Super Poop and the Eclipse of Toiletropolis

super poop was just waking up & looking out the window and it was black.

super poop & poopalinda went outside to see why it was so dark.
then super poop said, "there's something coming out of the sky!"
poopalinda agreed.

and then, there was super poop's long lost dog, snoop.
poopalinda agreed.

super poop was thinking... then he decided that if he combines forces with snoop, they can fly up into the air and smash the eclipse to make it go away.
then away they flew up into the sky on their magical power rainbows, but super poop's idea didn't work. snoop whined.
poopalinda agreed.

it worked for a second, but then, it was pitch black again.
poopalinda agreed.

the next morning, the boy came in with something in his hand. he wanted to drop it in the toilet.

the thing in the boy's hand was a statue of super poop & snoop!
snoop liked it right away. he peed on it right away to mark it as his own.

then the boy knew what to do. he spent all night in his garage building something.
it was an ENLARGER RAY!

the boy had to go to school right away, but super poop & snoop kept following him.
they boy sighed, "come with me."
he told them to sit down in those chairs.

then the teacher walked in. then the class said, "hello, mr franklin!"
mr franklin was very, very strict. he thought he'd seen everything. he'd seen a bunny eating steak. he'd seen a turtle roaring.
but he'd never seen turds like these.



  1. Absolutely hilarious! I love it Brooke. I read it to my boys and we all laughed! We love turds like that lol =)