Monday, January 30, 2012


ehhh I'm doing this post just 'cuz I'm bored, heh heh...So i guess i should start writing about BOLT THE SUPER DOG. Well there is a dog  named bolt and he has super powers and he has a lightning mark on his side and he saves his girl named penny (his owner). and here's a picture of bolt.

that's bolt. So i  have a bolt the video game and here's a picture of it.

that's not the same one i have but it's the only picture i could find.
so that's all for now...BYE

Thursday, January 19, 2012

mah babies

if you think this blog post is about REAL life babies......well it's not.  :) I used to have 4 dolls. they were named, good-baby, new-baby, other-baby and other-baby XD now heres the story behind them. good baby first was bed-baby but i was too small to say bed-baby so I called it be-boppy (lol) and then when we went out of the house and like for example a mall, people asked me what it was named. i was trying to say ''bed-baby'' but it sounded like ''bad-baby''    and the person that asked me was like ''you named your doll  BAD-baby?!'' so... i was like ''IT'S CALLED A BABY! NOT A DOLL, AND SHES GOOD NOT BAD!!" lol

Okay now this new part is about  going some where, hee hee. When we would go outside, you know how i said there were 4? well... if one of the babies got puked on or got poop on it...   my mommy or daddy would switch the pukey or poopy one and replace it with a clean one. than one day i found the stash of babies and i was hoarding them. And wanted to hold and carry all of them all at once. and i still have all 4 and i only love bed-baby but i changed bed-baby's name to good-baby. Oh and sometimes i would suck both of my thumbs at once. and there is something special to good-baby, and that is her thumb. and it looks like this
                                             l (p.s. the line with a V is an arrow)
this is what good-baby's thumb looks like (oh my it's so ragged).

when you buy a Baby Gund Sweet dolly (A.K.A the same thing good-baby is) they look like this.
that is what the fresh ones look like. so pretty but so unloved :(
but i like mine better. The ragged kind is the way I like mine.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

uhhh creepy makeover

this is me. normal plain ole me. I like this but...

 this is when i was testing some makeup and... it did not turn out so well. XD

 hello flawless kid. oh wait, thats me! XD

lip gloss, eye liner, blush, mascara, WHO IS THIS?!




hola, i have eye balls.


pau (end in Hawaiian)

Monday, January 9, 2012

pet peeves >:(

Okay so this blog post is about pet peeves and it's a little funny. My pet peeve personally is people teasing and messing up my name >:(. Like when someone calls me broke it drives me NUTS!!!


Ok back to pet peeves. My mom's (laughing my abs off) pet peeve is messy hair and dirty hair. If i even have one tangle in my hair she get bujigity about it. If my head is greasy and she says ''you need to wash your hair'' and I say ''my hair is not greasy -_-' '' then we have a discussion about my hair.

My dad's pet peeve is bad drivers. He says if there is a bad driver in front of our mini van Vanny he says this ''GET ON THE OTHER LANE! dumb dumbs >:{[ .'' well that's all the pet peeves i can think of that i know.

 but... what your pet peeve? please comment to tell your pet peeve.

mad mustache man >:{( mustache man did something bad >:{D mustache man is sad <:{( mustache man is happy :{D lol

Sunday, January 8, 2012

the games of

I play on a website everyday and its really fun and these are games in  it. If you think this is going to be boring keep reading. This is called animaljam. It's super fun for kids and well.... my mom likes some of the games on it like the game Pill-Bugs for example. She (my mom) loves this game Pill-Bugs and when she hits a green ball well i'll explain. These green balls give you one more ball to shoot when you hit it. It automatically makes the ball you are using a buddy. Well anyways she loves the green balls and she says ''YAY GREENY!'' with a smile on her face and both of us laughing our heads off, she shoots again.
Okay this next game i also love and she does too. It's called Pest Control and she (my mom) likes this game so lemme explain again. In this game you put bug killers on the side of a path way and the bugs come through and the bug killers well.... kill the bugs. The point of this game is to kill all the bugs on the path and not die. So this game gives you five lives on it and if a bug gets past the end of this path way you lose a life. This goes on on on but its really fun. She (my mom) likes that Pest Control game.
 There's one where you use your fashion sense in it. It's called Best Dressed. I play it too so it gives you a challenge of what to wear for a level. Like it tells you to look best for school. None of the choices are good for this school challenge so i sometimes like to wear spiked hair or a super hero cape for this school challenge and maybe some nice furry Ugg Boots. This game is fun and you always look wacky no matter what, even if it's something formal you still look crazy.
There's these games that my mom does not like cuz these things that she (my mom) calls them space spiders and they take your skittles away and they shock you so you just have to avoid them. Anyways in this one game that i really like, it's called Sky High. You jump from cloud to cloud, avoiding the space spiders, and collecting money (on animaljam they call money gems)  you hop from cloud to cloud, avoiding space spiders, and getting money so if you bump into one of the tentacles on the space spider you fall to the ground and lose the game. And on this other one you are on a parachute and again you avoid the space spiders and get the money.  thats all i can think of so.......BYE!  (lol)