Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rose the Red Wolf

Hello peoples, I'm Rose. I am a Red Wolf. I'm here today to type to you about my life. My life is not simple. i have a stupid flea on my tail that drives me CRAZY!!!! i have to hunt for my pack, and today i got kicked in the jaw by an elk. painful, huh? Yes very.

I found a epic male anole lizard today and it's red neck showed. it's cuz i scared it :3  i chased a weird dog named Hank, hes head of ranch security! he was with his minon Drover, on a case called "the case of the turkey agent spy Murphy." i just rolled my eyes and padded back to my den.(this next part is Hank talking) "Drover, did you see that...purdy Red Wolf? My heart melted with the power of love when i saw her. The tail wag  turbos in my tail went crazy!"
 (this is now drover) "yeah i guess she WAS purdy"
"Drover don't ever think of stealing one of my relationships, OK?"
"Yes sir Hank sir"
(back to me) When I'm not in the forest doing my wolfy things I'm out in LPS City. I work at the fast food service called "The Chair fast food" I work the drive through. My trainer to work for The Chair fast food is Officer Steve, he's a retired police dog. Off my work shift, I go to my house. (it's a tree house) and go on my mac laptop. I go on and watch videos, or watch TV or swing in my hammock. At night, i get in my hammock and swing in it, then lie down and fall asleep.

                                        from, Rose.