Friday, August 31, 2012

Invasion of the Potato People

Planet Potato is cracking.

Potato on left, "Dictater, planet Potato is cracking! We need to get all the taters into the Tatership 3000!"
Potato on right, "Think I didn't know that the planet was cracking? Get every tater into the ship!"

"Okay everybody. Get in from a straight line. Stay calm and we'll get out safely."

Hyper speed! PPEEWWW!

(the thing that looks like an eye is hurricane Isaac)
Entering Earth's atmosphere.


In Japan...

The Tatership crash lands in some kid's backyard.

Japanese kid, "Whoah!"
Potato, "Tater."

Japanese kid, "Look mother, I found this thing in the backyard!"
Japanese mother, "Son, that's a potato."


Japanese mother flips out. "Don't bring anything from the backyard into the house ever again!"

Potato, "Is this a soothing hot tub? Oh no, it's SOUP!"

"Invade this dirt ball!"

Father at work.

"Do I hear giant footsteps?"

"Oh my tater."

"Bring this potato down for soup!!"

"Leave to invade next planet."

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Computer Maniac

I start off the morning thinking about computers and what I'm going to do on them. I think of random possibilites that could happen on there, but most of them probably won't happen.

I walk one room down to the computer room and sit down in the chair. Once the computer is turned on, I log on to, my email, and I listen to some Owl City songs on youtube.

My cat Nim always goes on top of the chair when I go on the computer. If I pet her, she'll start flapping her tail and then when I stop petting her and put my head back on the chair, she'll slap my head and bite my hair.

Usually at this time, I'll go for food or to the bathroom, but not today. Lol, that was the potato talking.

"My goodness, child, isn't your bladder full?" said Me, to myself.

Wow, Bob, look at that kid go! She can play on the computer ALL DAY! <------ said in my best announcer voice.

Me, thinking to myself, "man, I've got to pee, but the computer is so fun. I'll just hold it."

My mom forces me to play with my toys in my room, or do something creative.

My brain was looking through my files, aka, memories, and thinking about what I could do in there besides play with my toys. I could watch tv, but meh, that doesn't sound very good right now. Light bulb goes on in my brain!

And thus, I'm not bored. I'm now playing on my DSi for endless time today.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blue The Ranch Dog (book 1,the advs with Blue)

Uh hey there I'm Blue the Ranch Dog head of ranch security and Frank is my assistant. This is my....uh first thing with words....i think it's called a plog bost...Yeah! that's it. And by the way...I'm not a boy, i'm a tough girl hound.

It was a normal day at the ranch when something strange happened.
so this is what happened.

                      Chapter one
                   The strange sound is tempting us  
One pleasant day on the ranch i heard a strange sound. Me and Frank were under the gas tanks basking in the shade on a hot spring day. it was about, 12:34 in the day. I said "Frank did you make that sound?"  "No but it sounded like something from the ranch house." i thought for a moment. "Hmm, I wonder if it's scrap time" (scrap time is after lunch sometimes and we get food scraps) "...slurp...I smell chicken scraps" "Will you let me have some?" i growled slightly "Fine i'll give you the smallest piece" Frank whined "Aww!" "Let's go eat some Co-op dog food to hold us over."
Have we discussed Co-op dog food? Well guess not. Ok, well it tastes like rocks or dry goat pellets or worse...gulp...rotten veggies...throws up a little in mouth... So after that we went to investigate the fishy sound.

                      Chapter two
           the sound is not what we think

On the way to the ranch house we heard the sound right in a tree. i was like....lunch in a tree wha?....nope it was Wallace and Junior the buzzards. They were singing something, and here's what they sang.

                 The Dinner Song
We find the dinner on the road dead, splat! yum yum!
eat it up throw it up at a stupid coyote and leave!
Can't wait for the next meal!

Hank The CowDog said there was buzzards on his ranch too!
So as all dogs would do would you know... BARK! BARK! BARK!
"shad up dumb dog, you're weaker than a pup."
WEAK?! what was he thinking! was he mad! so i showed him how a girl bites. "what are you going to do? nom me on the head?"
"heck to the no mister! i'll bite your wing!"
"you'll bite like a weak pup."
that does it, that buzzard is gunna get it!
"oh yeah?! then get on the ground and fight me! and see what a girl can do!" he got on the ground and stood there and i lunged at his wing and bit his wing and got some feathers off.  as always he flew off with his son. Frank stared at me with plate-like eyes "h-how? w-what just happened?"
"I fot fom fepers" i said with feathers in my mouth.
"uhhh, blue? what's a "feper"?
i got a chuckle out of that and spit out the feathers "i said feathers not fepers"

                 til' next time for chapter three and chapter four.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rose the Red Wolf

Hello peoples, I'm Rose. I am a Red Wolf. I'm here today to type to you about my life. My life is not simple. i have a stupid flea on my tail that drives me CRAZY!!!! i have to hunt for my pack, and today i got kicked in the jaw by an elk. painful, huh? Yes very.

I found a epic male anole lizard today and it's red neck showed. it's cuz i scared it :3  i chased a weird dog named Hank, hes head of ranch security! he was with his minon Drover, on a case called "the case of the turkey agent spy Murphy." i just rolled my eyes and padded back to my den.(this next part is Hank talking) "Drover, did you see that...purdy Red Wolf? My heart melted with the power of love when i saw her. The tail wag  turbos in my tail went crazy!"
 (this is now drover) "yeah i guess she WAS purdy"
"Drover don't ever think of stealing one of my relationships, OK?"
"Yes sir Hank sir"
(back to me) When I'm not in the forest doing my wolfy things I'm out in LPS City. I work at the fast food service called "The Chair fast food" I work the drive through. My trainer to work for The Chair fast food is Officer Steve, he's a retired police dog. Off my work shift, I go to my house. (it's a tree house) and go on my mac laptop. I go on and watch videos, or watch TV or swing in my hammock. At night, i get in my hammock and swing in it, then lie down and fall asleep.

                                        from, Rose.

Monday, February 20, 2012

two hag queens

i was in the middle of one of my spelling lessons in school and the spelling book told me to write a fairytale using my spelling words.
this is the story.

Two old hag queens got together and squeezed each other til they squeaked.

Then they quizzed each other about squirrel facts. They went inside a castle. One of the hag queens started making a quilt. "Sshhhh! The sound waves will mess up my quilt!" said hag queen 1.

"Why are quarters round?" said hag queen 2 with a quiver in her voice.
"That's a dumb question!" said hag queen 1.

And they lived haggily ever after.

The End.

Monday, January 30, 2012


ehhh I'm doing this post just 'cuz I'm bored, heh heh...So i guess i should start writing about BOLT THE SUPER DOG. Well there is a dog  named bolt and he has super powers and he has a lightning mark on his side and he saves his girl named penny (his owner). and here's a picture of bolt.

that's bolt. So i  have a bolt the video game and here's a picture of it.

that's not the same one i have but it's the only picture i could find.
so that's all for now...BYE

Thursday, January 19, 2012

mah babies

if you think this blog post is about REAL life babies......well it's not.  :) I used to have 4 dolls. they were named, good-baby, new-baby, other-baby and other-baby XD now heres the story behind them. good baby first was bed-baby but i was too small to say bed-baby so I called it be-boppy (lol) and then when we went out of the house and like for example a mall, people asked me what it was named. i was trying to say ''bed-baby'' but it sounded like ''bad-baby''    and the person that asked me was like ''you named your doll  BAD-baby?!'' so... i was like ''IT'S CALLED A BABY! NOT A DOLL, AND SHES GOOD NOT BAD!!" lol

Okay now this new part is about  going some where, hee hee. When we would go outside, you know how i said there were 4? well... if one of the babies got puked on or got poop on it...   my mommy or daddy would switch the pukey or poopy one and replace it with a clean one. than one day i found the stash of babies and i was hoarding them. And wanted to hold and carry all of them all at once. and i still have all 4 and i only love bed-baby but i changed bed-baby's name to good-baby. Oh and sometimes i would suck both of my thumbs at once. and there is something special to good-baby, and that is her thumb. and it looks like this
                                             l (p.s. the line with a V is an arrow)
this is what good-baby's thumb looks like (oh my it's so ragged).

when you buy a Baby Gund Sweet dolly (A.K.A the same thing good-baby is) they look like this.
that is what the fresh ones look like. so pretty but so unloved :(
but i like mine better. The ragged kind is the way I like mine.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

uhhh creepy makeover

this is me. normal plain ole me. I like this but...

 this is when i was testing some makeup and... it did not turn out so well. XD

 hello flawless kid. oh wait, thats me! XD

lip gloss, eye liner, blush, mascara, WHO IS THIS?!




hola, i have eye balls.


pau (end in Hawaiian)