Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Never Ending Cat War Part 1

     We live with my Grand Parents and they have Big cat, but sadly our cat, Little cat harasses him majorly and so this story is about our jerky cats. Big cat is the nicest out of all of them, Little cat is ours and she is nice to humans but terrible to other cats. Fluffy cat is my cat and we have a love/hate relationship, she scratches me at least once a day, but she is so darn adorable! So you'll just have an urge to pet her but NOOOOOOOO, try petting her stomach and she will try to rip your hand off.

Sometimes we feel as if Big cat is larger than he really is, so lets make him a dinosaur.

So imagine a normal 10 pound house cat attacking and trying to kill a dinosaur.

We got some calm-down hormonal spray. Other people have said it did a very good job for them, but it did nothing for us. (Ps, Little cat never made Big cat bleed, although she tries.)

                                             The harassments continue:




Alright so the hormonal spray didn't work, so we got the Thunder Shirt. But Little cat only would roll around on the floor until she figured out how to take it off.

But when she takes it off the harassments still continued. Finally we tried some Nervousness~Fear juice-ish thing, where you try to put it down their throat.

But every morning we would have to clean up cat puke.

That didn't work so we just resorted to just keeping her in the upstairs bedroom. She gets EXTREMLY bored a lot! So we one day just got out the toys and put them in kitty-fort-topia.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lizard Under The Bed Day

Alright, so it was about 9:50 at night when this happened. I had just turned off my TV to go to sleep, when I felt like I wanted to read. I had to resort to a stack of Christmas books beacause I did not have any other books to read under my bed. As I turn on my light and flip over onto my stomach, I see a lizard hiding behind my books and he/she was just about maybe 7 or 6 inches away from my head.

I ran over to get an old Prego jar off my table.

I carfully scoop the scaley creature into my Prego jar. He/she limply goes in with my careful scooping.

As I look at my new found treasure, I think, "Holy crap...I just caught a lizard under my bed."

I run upstairs to my parents' room, to show them my lizard in a jar.

We let the lizard go outside around 10:00. He/she wasn't dead beacause, I watched it scamper away into the darkness. Sometimes at night I think to myself, I bet the lizard is trying to find a way to get revenge on me for letting him/her go into the just below freezing tempature night.