Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my stories from when i was little

i don't remember much of my babyhood, but i do know a little bit.
and the story begins...
i was crawling around the floor and then i supported myself on my wiggly stool. i was a baby then, so my legs were still a little bit wobbly. and then i had a weird face and before mommy looked at me, she was folding clothes. then she came over & said, "what's wrong sweetie?" and she saw something in my hand. and she noticed that it was POOP! i had ate some poop and she washed my mouth with clorox wipes and i was crying because of the poop taste and the clorox wipe tasted bad too. (maybe i thought it was chocolate coming from my butt.)

when i was a little bit older, we came home from the walmart and mommy and daddy said they were carrying in groceries so i could play in the backyard. (this story is from our old house that was only a one story house.) i stripped myself and got out my little pool that i still have now. mommy came out to check on me and she saw me standing, getting my pool out & she said, "honey, why are you naked?!" i was a toddler, i didn't know better.

we were at aunt B's old house and i took a toy ladle that was a barbie ladle and opened the toilet lid (i was in the bathroom there) and then i scooped toilet water with the ladle and drank it. mommy came into the bathroom and saw me drinking ladle after ladle of toilet water. i don't remember how it tasted, but i do remember these stories and this is the end of my babyhood, but two of them are from toddlerhood.