Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blue The Ranch Dog (book 1,the advs with Blue)

Uh hey there I'm Blue the Ranch Dog head of ranch security and Frank is my assistant. This is my....uh first thing with words....i think it's called a plog bost...Yeah! that's it. And by the way...I'm not a boy, i'm a tough girl hound.

It was a normal day at the ranch when something strange happened.
so this is what happened.

                      Chapter one
                   The strange sound is tempting us  
One pleasant day on the ranch i heard a strange sound. Me and Frank were under the gas tanks basking in the shade on a hot spring day. it was about, 12:34 in the day. I said "Frank did you make that sound?"  "No but it sounded like something from the ranch house." i thought for a moment. "Hmm, I wonder if it's scrap time" (scrap time is after lunch sometimes and we get food scraps) "...slurp...I smell chicken scraps" "Will you let me have some?" i growled slightly "Fine i'll give you the smallest piece" Frank whined "Aww!" "Let's go eat some Co-op dog food to hold us over."
Have we discussed Co-op dog food? Well guess not. Ok, well it tastes like rocks or dry goat pellets or worse...gulp...rotten veggies...throws up a little in mouth... So after that we went to investigate the fishy sound.

                      Chapter two
           the sound is not what we think

On the way to the ranch house we heard the sound right in a tree. i was like....lunch in a tree wha?....nope it was Wallace and Junior the buzzards. They were singing something, and here's what they sang.

                 The Dinner Song
We find the dinner on the road dead, splat! yum yum!
eat it up throw it up at a stupid coyote and leave!
Can't wait for the next meal!

Hank The CowDog said there was buzzards on his ranch too!
So as all dogs would do would you know... BARK! BARK! BARK!
"shad up dumb dog, you're weaker than a pup."
WEAK?! what was he thinking! was he mad! so i showed him how a girl bites. "what are you going to do? nom me on the head?"
"heck to the no mister! i'll bite your wing!"
"you'll bite like a weak pup."
that does it, that buzzard is gunna get it!
"oh yeah?! then get on the ground and fight me! and see what a girl can do!" he got on the ground and stood there and i lunged at his wing and bit his wing and got some feathers off.  as always he flew off with his son. Frank stared at me with plate-like eyes "h-how? w-what just happened?"
"I fot fom fepers" i said with feathers in my mouth.
"uhhh, blue? what's a "feper"?
i got a chuckle out of that and spit out the feathers "i said feathers not fepers"

                 til' next time for chapter three and chapter four.