Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Super Poop!

Boy hums while walking into the bathroom at school. (Do you see the out of order sign?)

He opens the "out of order" stall & gasps! The boy said, "What's going on in that toilet?"

"There's too much crime in this toilet!" said Super Poop.

"HAHAHAHA! I will get the golden goodness!" said the Stream of Pee bandit.

Poopalinda gasps at the sight of Super Poop & the Stream of Pee bandit.

"I have to do this, but it might hurt me more than it hurts you," said Super Poop.

POW! Then Super Poop smashes right into the gut of the Stream of Pee bandit.

"RRRRGG," says the Stream of Pee bandit. "I can't believe I'm in jail! I'll get you Super Poop! Revenge!"

"You're safe with me now, Poopalinda," said Super Poop as they flew through the pee clouds.

"Bye Super Poop!" said Poopalinda."You're my hero!"
"Just doin my job, ma'am."

"That was awesome!"
And the boy walks out of the bathroom.

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