Friday, May 27, 2011

shadow and sun story

raven: what a good day it is!

patch: not for me, raven.

raven: silly dog, everyone needs a good day!

patch: you annoy me.

raven: patch, why did you say that?

patch: cuz i don't like you.

raven: you.... don't like me? =(  waaaaaaa!

patch: shut up, raven, i need to think.

raven: i'm running away and i'm never coming back!

patch: whoopee! okay, good!

raven runs away.  after a while,

patch: i miss her.

raven: i'm still here.

patch: really?

raven: yep. the whole time, i was up above you.

patch: really?

raven: yep! you have a friend.

patch: i... do?

raven: yep!

patch: who?

raven: me, silly puppy!