Saturday, August 21, 2010

the heart family

mommy made the first little book for me. then i made the second one.


Mr. Heart Grows a Mustache
Everybody was sleeping in the Heart family house. Then Mr. Heart slung his arm right onto his lip & felt something scratchy.
Mr. Heart woke up. He went into the bathroom and sure enough, he had a mustache!
Then Mrs. Heart woke up too. She was confused!
He was dancing in the hallway like a maniac!
Jeffrey, Mindy & Baby Heart woke up, too.
"Everyone, look at my mustache!" said Mr. Heart.
Mrs. Heart said, "You woke up the whole family!"
"Wait, before you go back to bed, look at my cartwheel! My Spanish name is Mustachio Man!"
Everybody else was SHOCKED at the sight of Mr. Heart!
"But wait, don't let the story end yet! Just one more close up of my manly mustache!"


Mr. & Mrs. Heart

Mindy & Jeffrey Heart

Baby Heart & Woofy

Thursday, August 12, 2010

when wolves wake up

This is a story I call, "When Wolves Wake Up." I am Kate from the movie, "Alpha & Omega."  AARRROOOOOO! I'm so excited that I made my own short film.

and here's the trailer for my latest movie.

Info about Kate the wolf:

Hi, my name is Kate. I'm in the movie "Alpha & Omega" that comes out Sept 17th. You might have seen me in "Jungle Book" when i was a pup. I was one of Mowgli's siblings. (this is just me, Brooke talking, pretending to be Kate.)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"Hey, Salamander! Could I borrow your tail?" said Frog.

"Hello, Turtle! Could I borrow your shell?"

"Hello, Crocodile! Could I borrow your teeth?"
"Sure. You will look yummy in... I mean, you will look pleasant in my teeth."

"Hello, Goldfish, could I borrow your gills?"
"Sure, you can have my gills for a week if you want to!"

"Hello, Snake! Could I borrow your tongue?"

"Hello, Rainbow Rooster! Could I borrow your comb?"
"Sure! You'll look very cheerful in it!"

"Hi Chameleon! Can I borrow your colors?"
"Myef." (he's not much of a talker)

"Something's not quite right."

"I got too sweaty in all those things, so I took them off. Hey, Mrs. Frog, let's eat."
So Mrs. Frog had a HUGE cherry and Frog had a HUGE plum. They'll have a blueberry pie, which kind of looks like a toadstool.

"Excuse me. Pie makes me gassy."