Monday, May 10, 2010

the notmuch and the alot

this is the notmuch. it loves to eat bananas. why i'm making this notmuch is because i'm dressed like the "alot" from hyperbole and a half so i have reindeer antlers on and a brown body. the notmuch is a combination of an alaskan husky with an eagle body and feet and a cat. the notmuch's specialty is doing a loud shriek "IIIIIEEEEEE!" and it wraps messages around its feet like a messanger pigeon. he carried one for mother's day to a woman named sherilin and it said, "mommy, i love you because, because you mak good makony."
sherilin said, "thank you." the notmuch said to her, "what's your favorite food?" and she said, "potatoes and cheese."

the notmuch likes to shrink itself and go into an orange and then he eats some of the orange and then he has a nap. and then it hears slices, so he jumped out & unshrunk & then did its shriek. IIIIIIIEEEEEEEE! and then it went to a chinese restaurant to have a noodle. and then he went home, back up to his nest and that's the story of the notmuch.

Friday, May 7, 2010

the magical shed

this is my home. i live in a
mystical shed that on the inside is different. it is big & it's called the mystical land of caracals.

this is me. i was unique, i didn't look like any of my brother's & sisters.

this is what they look like. this is what i was supposed to look like.

i drew a picture of myself.

this is what my whole mystical world looks like.

this is jelly bean. she's one of my best friends. sometimes she sleeps on my pillow.

this is crystal. she's one of my friends too because everybody is my friend in my world.

this is scat cat. he's one of the coolest ones, but he's the smallest one.

this is francois. she loves fishing.

(did you notice she's actually a dog, but i put cat ears on her?)

this is my friend sophie. she likes watching the fish in the pond.

(do you see the fish jumping out of the water?)

this is the bridge.

there's fracios fishing again.

this was the story of the magical shed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fern the Gecko

This is a book that I made yesterday.

Once upon a time, a little gecko named Fern had a friend who was a groundhog. Her name was Pepper. They lived in a pasture next to a woods and on the other side there was a big city.

(you'll like this post. it's very funny)

I'm going into the city to scare a woman. Hee hee hee!

(the zigzags on the building is the air vent where he gets in)

Fern says, "RABIES!!!"
The woman says, "Ahhhhhh!!"

(did you notice that the woman's skirt doesn't connect to her body? and the stuff on the bottom right is the air vent.)

The woman types on the phone 9-1-1.

The woman says "There's a rabid gecko in my home!"
The policeman says, "I'll come over in a flash."

(did you notice that his hat flew out the window?)

The policeman says, "Ma'am, there's no gecko in here. You're wasting my time."
The lady says, "Maybe I was seeing things."

Then you can see Fern running into the field saying, "Ha ha ha!"

Meanwhile, in the pasture, Pepper the groundhog smelled smoke. "Oh no! Fire!!! I got to go warn!"

"Thar is a fire Fern! It is in the woods."
"Oh no!" said Fern.

(after these messages, we'll be right back)

Monday, May 3, 2010

my sorta dead story

this is miley. she was a frog, then she turned into frankenstein. she died. it was hannah's sis . i chopped  her up like a maniac!

i found a mole. it was dead. was it friends with thumbelina? what do you think that is on its belly - a tumor? you know what i did when i was done touching it? i set it gently in a pile of weeds and then the next day, twinkle (our stray kitty you can see on my mom's blog) ate it.

my feet are so tiny!

twinkle is BIGGER than the mole! she has a bigger nose than the mole. she has bigger ears than the mole because moles don't have ears. heehee!

copy cats!

this is me. i was an easter bunny. this is the end of my story.