Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Tropical Experience

once there was a tropical island in the middle of the pacific ocean.

and on this tropical island, we have lily, the sea lion.

she met a shark named bruce. and then bruce said, "hiya, ah'm bruce, the great white shark. ah'm frum tennessee."

and then lily said, "i never met a shark before. certainly not one from a landlocked state."
then bruce said, "ah always wanted to be from an exotic place like tennessee. so how's about ya'll fetch me a fish like a good lil lady."

"i will most certainly NOT!!!!"

"and one more thing, bruce, don't call me a little lady."
and then the two of them started singing a random song.
first lily started off the first line - "you want some toast, i bet you do."
then bruce sang the next chorus - "please add some jam and butter too."
"we're out of grape, so sad. it's all your fault you bad shark," said lily.

and then lily kept singing, "why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends. why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends? i take a bag of friendship every day, yeah."

"hey bruce, look at me! i'm being a babysitter with a ponytail, not looking after the baby, but on the phone with my friend! 'hey ashley, so like what doya wanna talk about? oh, i'm babysitting.' "

"ah'm green beard the pirate. yar har har! gimme some oats, dude."

then they looked up into the tree and bruce said, "it's been a long day for me. ah'd better get back to tennessee now. you be a good lil lady for me now, ya hear?"
"don't call me little lady! but i will be good... i guess," said lily.



  1. Lily need not be so discouraged about getting seaweed. There's lots of nutrition in seaweed! And it makes a fine ponytail as well. Would she want to make a ponytail out of a fish? I think not.

  2. Nice little island and story;) Happy 2011!

  3. I can just smell those sea-breezes now!