Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Stupid Pants

i'm looking for a pair of pants to wear so i can go for a walk with my mom.
these don't feel right... nope, not one bit.
they're so stupid! i'm gonna try to rip you!!!!!
ROAR! i can't rip you!!!
i'm so mad at you, i think this worked!  RRRIIIIPPPPP!
i need another pair of pants. these don't work. these don't work. these don't work. these don't work.

i had to wear one of my bad pairs of pants to go on a walk with my mom.
"mommy, do you ever have pants issues?"


  1. I am going thru the same thing with jeans...
    I am sorry!
    You will find the perfect pair of pants!

  2. Brooke, I love your drawings. My favorite is your panties. Hee hee, they look so cute! Sorry about the problem with pants though. It sounds very frustrating.

  3. Thank you i tried to make it hilarious. ps i found a good pair of pants

  4. Oh yeah. Damn pant issues. :) Very funny! Here from BPOTW!

  5. Fabulously funny. And oh, so true.

  6. That is just too funny. Thanks, Brooke, for making me laugh!

  7. Brooke, my son Jack has the same feeling about pants as you. He hates stupid, scratchy pants. They drive him crazy. He only wears soft, cozy pants with no zippers or buttons.