Saturday, October 30, 2010

stuff that doesn't make any sense

my belly was hurting because i drank too much apple juice & had sweet potato quesadillas. and so i'm yelling, "what kind of juice did i drink?" and mommy said, "i don't know!" and i kept saying that thing over & over & she kept answering me the same repeatedly. finally she walked to the fridge & said, "kiwi strawberry."

and now i'm going to say some really weird words.

ok, so now, i'm going to repeatedly have a fake conversation with myself.
why do i not like meat?
i like shrimp.

this is a very weird conversation with myself.
why won't you stop talking?!
i'm just talking to myself.

now, this video might be disturbing to some viewers. it is called monkey farts.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

hyperbole and a brooke

hello everyone! if you are an allie brosh fan, then you might like this post. i love her blog so much, that i want to act this post out.

first off, i'll start on her post, "dog".

Nim is playing the part of the angry cat from the cat safety propaganda video.

nim says, "I HATE YOU!"

Monday, October 18, 2010

my first cooking idea for my blog

ok, so we are going to make a honey cinnamon sugar thing.
you get any kind of honey in a bottle.
it's pretty good!
then you get a little bowl, get the honey, squirt just a little.
now, you move onto the sugar. sprinkle just a little bit of it, but not too much.
then, we move on to the cinnamon. don't sprinkle too much because, if you get too much, it will be really, really strong tasting. but if some of you guys like the strong taste, go ahead.

do not ask me if i have a special drink because i am HORRIBLE at them! but someday, i think i could work it out. one of my funny drinks that i made when i was little, i put apple juice in it, then some cinnamon & then some stuff i can't really explain. it was horrible. i wouldn't even taste it.

today we made avocado scones with tomato butter on top. they were deeelicious! and right now, i am eating one. we did this for culinary class.

so, ENJOY!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

my bizarre rambling post

once there was some weird ideas, but it was my bed time. it was 8:36 in the nighttime. i was about to wash my hands, but i was thinking of a new post & that's how this happened.

so ok, first of all, you might laugh your whole head off at this one. there are no pictures.
there once was a talking hot dog who was eating a spaghetti taco. and then somebody walked past the hot dog and the hot dog was like, "dude, come 'ere. start a band with me!"
so the kid was like, "ookaaaay."
and now they started to sing this little diddy.
"there was a rocking burger with very hairy feet.
and he had a red bow tie, right on top of his head.
there was a candy cane with orange feet.
walked past the hamburger, they were in a park.
he was like sucking on a lollipop."

then the hot dog said, "dude, we rock. we should get together again."
so the kid walked a little further in the park & he was saw a chicken who couldn't fly. the hot dog had given him a spaghetti taco for the road since he had a whole bin full of them and the boy decided to make the chicken feel better by giving him the spaghetti taco. and so, the chicken was very happy & he nodded very happily.

and then the kid started walking a little farther. the chicken was following him, but then the kid looked back & he was like, "dude, you're not a chicken, you're a kid in a chicken suit! so that explains why you have no beak!"

he finally got back home & he saw his chihuahua, lola, on the deck. she was very spazzy. the kid's mom walked out of the house and said, "she's having babies!" and then the kid was like, "WHAT?!" his mom said, "lola's already giving birth? how many?"
"seven," said the boy. he ran towards lola & petted her & lola just smiled. her babies were adorable. they were named peach, cutie, lucky, spot, rover, fifi and marshmallow.

the story now turns over to lola's world when she was an adolescent. she slept in a drawer with some hand towels, she loved the number 35, and she still loves 35 now. it's her favorite number. she loves the taste of cucumbers, she is a healthy dog. she was never a couch potato. and then she met this raccoon named roxy & she was a very friendly. she was also friends with a gray tabby kitten. and roxy said the kitten's name was nim. so they walked over to where nim lived & then they skipped happily & they were happy as can be. along the way they met a yellow lab named marley and he was like, "where are you guys going in a hurry?" then lola said they were going to a kitten's house named nim. when they got there, my oh my, nim was cute and marley said, "i think we could be friends."

this is where it turns back over to that kid. the kid was so happy that he scooped up marshmallow, who was the runt, and he loved marshmallow even though she was tiny.  the boy heard his mom sing a little song. it went like this -
"i'll bonk you on the head, then giggle and eat some bread. i'll knock you to the ground, then kick & stomp & pound."
then he started singing it with her & they were both singing it!
then they went inside and drank hot cocoa.

now it turns to the story of nim the kitten. you may have noticed that i've done roxy's adventures & nim's dreams, but marley, the yellow lab - i haven't blogged about him yet. it's fall & it's getting crazy. almost as crazy as marley. not bob marley, but dog marley.
so now on to the story of nim.
she sleeps on the cat tree post in the living room. and now she has a frienemy named sophie. sophie & her play really rough. suddenly nim the kitten burped "BBRAAAAP." "excuse me" said nim the kitten in her sweet little voice.
and that is the end of my story.

Roxy's adventures

This is Roxy. She's a raccoon & she's going to have some adventures!

She's stalking her prey. Maybe it's a grasshopper.

Having fun in a little space.

She goes into this place when there's a coyote around. The things in front is a pricker vine.

She's up a tree!

She's out on a limb.

Roxy's getting a little hungry.

Roxy's a little tired, so she's going to have a little rest in the grass.

Found some food from a house pet.

Where's Roxy going? Nobody knows...

She found a little spot to rest.

Back to the tracks, traveling home.

Is this her home?

"Nobody wrote to me."

A happy owner with a happy pet.