Sunday, October 3, 2010

Roxy's adventures

This is Roxy. She's a raccoon & she's going to have some adventures!

She's stalking her prey. Maybe it's a grasshopper.

Having fun in a little space.

She goes into this place when there's a coyote around. The things in front is a pricker vine.

She's up a tree!

She's out on a limb.

Roxy's getting a little hungry.

Roxy's a little tired, so she's going to have a little rest in the grass.

Found some food from a house pet.

Where's Roxy going? Nobody knows...

She found a little spot to rest.

Back to the tracks, traveling home.

Is this her home?

"Nobody wrote to me."

A happy owner with a happy pet.


  1. Roxy is a lucky raccoon to have an owner who will take her on adventures! It looks like she had a really good time. :-)

    When Roxy Raccoon went out walkin'
    She found a green hopper for stalkin'.
    She jumped and she pounced,
    But the hopper just bounced,
    And Roxy was left there a-gawkin'.

  2. wow. you were quick w/ that poem! nice work, mimi!

  3. Oh that was such an adorable picture in the end. I love her smile! I'm guessing this post was fun to create.

  4. this whole blog is dreamed up & written by brooke, who is 8. i'm the mom who just checks the email for her. we did have fun taking the pics & wandering around in the fall air though!