Monday, October 18, 2010

my first cooking idea for my blog

ok, so we are going to make a honey cinnamon sugar thing.
you get any kind of honey in a bottle.
it's pretty good!
then you get a little bowl, get the honey, squirt just a little.
now, you move onto the sugar. sprinkle just a little bit of it, but not too much.
then, we move on to the cinnamon. don't sprinkle too much because, if you get too much, it will be really, really strong tasting. but if some of you guys like the strong taste, go ahead.

do not ask me if i have a special drink because i am HORRIBLE at them! but someday, i think i could work it out. one of my funny drinks that i made when i was little, i put apple juice in it, then some cinnamon & then some stuff i can't really explain. it was horrible. i wouldn't even taste it.

today we made avocado scones with tomato butter on top. they were deeelicious! and right now, i am eating one. we did this for culinary class.

so, ENJOY!

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  1. Brooke, I'm not sure if your cooking is really good or not because I have never tasted any of it, but I do know that your daily cat and puppy pictures are adorable!