Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lizard Under The Bed Day

Alright, so it was about 9:50 at night when this happened. I had just turned off my TV to go to sleep, when I felt like I wanted to read. I had to resort to a stack of Christmas books beacause I did not have any other books to read under my bed. As I turn on my light and flip over onto my stomach, I see a lizard hiding behind my books and he/she was just about maybe 7 or 6 inches away from my head.

I ran over to get an old Prego jar off my table.

I carfully scoop the scaley creature into my Prego jar. He/she limply goes in with my careful scooping.

As I look at my new found treasure, I think, "Holy crap...I just caught a lizard under my bed."

I run upstairs to my parents' room, to show them my lizard in a jar.

We let the lizard go outside around 10:00. He/she wasn't dead beacause, I watched it scamper away into the darkness. Sometimes at night I think to myself, I bet the lizard is trying to find a way to get revenge on me for letting him/her go into the just below freezing tempature night. 


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