Monday, July 15, 2013

{PMV} MLP explain this picture


Mint is reading on her bed and suddenly the phone rings. She clops to the phone quite fast because she barely ever gets a call. "Hello is this Mint Art's facility?" askes the mayor. "Oh! Yes Miss Mayor it is thy" chuckles Mint as she speaks old english to Mayor. "I would like to ask you a question. come to my office in 5 minutes." "Oh sure i'll-" Mayor hangs up, Mint rolls her eyes at the phone being cut off. "I hate being cut off" Mint mumbels to self. The five minutes pass and Mint puts on her saddle pouch and trots off to Mayor's office.

                                                   Chapter 1: What is happening in this picture?

"Sit down" says Mayor. Mayor slides a picture of a tall black horse a stallion and a mare that looks quite like celestia across the table for Mint to look at. "What is wrong with my picture Miss Mayor?" asks Mint with a confused mood apon her face. "Weell ever heard of a game called minecraft?" Mint says confused. "Well it is  a really good picture but what is happening in it who are they and.. WHAT IS THAT BLACK THING" says Mayor."The stallion is Named Steve and the mare is named Ploomete and the "black thing" is a Enderman." Says Mint

this is the first chapter of my fan fiction hope you liked it the next chapter will be out soon i hope i am lazy at posting stuff on time

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  1. I really enjoyed your first chapter of fan fiction Brooke, it's obvious you have a real talent for writing, good work!