Monday, January 9, 2012

pet peeves >:(

Okay so this blog post is about pet peeves and it's a little funny. My pet peeve personally is people teasing and messing up my name >:(. Like when someone calls me broke it drives me NUTS!!!


Ok back to pet peeves. My mom's (laughing my abs off) pet peeve is messy hair and dirty hair. If i even have one tangle in my hair she get bujigity about it. If my head is greasy and she says ''you need to wash your hair'' and I say ''my hair is not greasy -_-' '' then we have a discussion about my hair.

My dad's pet peeve is bad drivers. He says if there is a bad driver in front of our mini van Vanny he says this ''GET ON THE OTHER LANE! dumb dumbs >:{[ .'' well that's all the pet peeves i can think of that i know.

 but... what your pet peeve? please comment to tell your pet peeve.

mad mustache man >:{( mustache man did something bad >:{D mustache man is sad <:{( mustache man is happy :{D lol


  1. Your Dad and My Husband share the same pet peeve :)

    I think my pet peeves are people who lie and steal. OH! AND not having any chocolate in the fridge when I want it :D

  2. My pet peeve is when people don't reply to e-mails. It makes me not want to write anything to them again. Another one is when somebody in the house uses up the last of something and doesn't write it on the shopping list or at least tell me. Then when I need it and it isn't there I have to go to the store before I can do what I need to do. Oh, there are lots more. I have way too many pet peeves!