Friday, August 31, 2012

Invasion of the Potato People

Planet Potato is cracking.

Potato on left, "Dictater, planet Potato is cracking! We need to get all the taters into the Tatership 3000!"
Potato on right, "Think I didn't know that the planet was cracking? Get every tater into the ship!"

"Okay everybody. Get in from a straight line. Stay calm and we'll get out safely."

Hyper speed! PPEEWWW!

(the thing that looks like an eye is hurricane Isaac)
Entering Earth's atmosphere.


In Japan...

The Tatership crash lands in some kid's backyard.

Japanese kid, "Whoah!"
Potato, "Tater."

Japanese kid, "Look mother, I found this thing in the backyard!"
Japanese mother, "Son, that's a potato."


Japanese mother flips out. "Don't bring anything from the backyard into the house ever again!"

Potato, "Is this a soothing hot tub? Oh no, it's SOUP!"

"Invade this dirt ball!"

Father at work.

"Do I hear giant footsteps?"

"Oh my tater."

"Bring this potato down for soup!!"

"Leave to invade next planet."


  1. This is funny! Love the dialogue to go with the drawings!

  2. This is incredible. I love it. Also, I have to ask, is Japanese mother partially naked? Like, am I seeing her private parts? Because... I kinda feel like we're just all looking at her no-no zone.