Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"Hey, Salamander! Could I borrow your tail?" said Frog.

"Hello, Turtle! Could I borrow your shell?"

"Hello, Crocodile! Could I borrow your teeth?"
"Sure. You will look yummy in... I mean, you will look pleasant in my teeth."

"Hello, Goldfish, could I borrow your gills?"
"Sure, you can have my gills for a week if you want to!"

"Hello, Snake! Could I borrow your tongue?"

"Hello, Rainbow Rooster! Could I borrow your comb?"
"Sure! You'll look very cheerful in it!"

"Hi Chameleon! Can I borrow your colors?"
"Myef." (he's not much of a talker)

"Something's not quite right."

"I got too sweaty in all those things, so I took them off. Hey, Mrs. Frog, let's eat."
So Mrs. Frog had a HUGE cherry and Frog had a HUGE plum. They'll have a blueberry pie, which kind of looks like a toadstool.

"Excuse me. Pie makes me gassy."


  1. brooke, this might be your best story yet! i love the things you draw & the stories you tell! i'm so glad you blog! i love you!

  2. Brooke, you have a gift for cartooning! My favorite panel in your story is the one with the chameleon. It made me laugh out loud! Keep those cartoons coming! Your drawings are great!!!

  3. Brooke this story is so funny! You and your mom are very talented writers... maybe you should write kids books =)

  4. Great writing and illustration, Brooke! I agree with Daisy Head Maisy - y'all should team up and write kids' books!

  5. I enjoyed your story it was so cute!