Thursday, August 12, 2010

when wolves wake up

This is a story I call, "When Wolves Wake Up." I am Kate from the movie, "Alpha & Omega."  AARRROOOOOO! I'm so excited that I made my own short film.

and here's the trailer for my latest movie.

Info about Kate the wolf:

Hi, my name is Kate. I'm in the movie "Alpha & Omega" that comes out Sept 17th. You might have seen me in "Jungle Book" when i was a pup. I was one of Mowgli's siblings. (this is just me, Brooke talking, pretending to be Kate.)


  1. She's a natural. Look out Kate Beckinsale!

    (For some reason, Kate Beckinsale was the first actress that came to mind. I doubt that I even spelled her name right.)

  2. Kate is quite capable of handling that little pup, but Nim looks like she has her hands, er, her paws full going after that giant butterfly! Nice props.