Monday, May 10, 2010

the notmuch and the alot

this is the notmuch. it loves to eat bananas. why i'm making this notmuch is because i'm dressed like the "alot" from hyperbole and a half so i have reindeer antlers on and a brown body. the notmuch is a combination of an alaskan husky with an eagle body and feet and a cat. the notmuch's specialty is doing a loud shriek "IIIIIEEEEEE!" and it wraps messages around its feet like a messanger pigeon. he carried one for mother's day to a woman named sherilin and it said, "mommy, i love you because, because you mak good makony."
sherilin said, "thank you." the notmuch said to her, "what's your favorite food?" and she said, "potatoes and cheese."

the notmuch likes to shrink itself and go into an orange and then he eats some of the orange and then he has a nap. and then it hears slices, so he jumped out & unshrunk & then did its shriek. IIIIIIIEEEEEEEE! and then it went to a chinese restaurant to have a noodle. and then he went home, back up to his nest and that's the story of the notmuch.

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