Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fern the Gecko

This is a book that I made yesterday.

Once upon a time, a little gecko named Fern had a friend who was a groundhog. Her name was Pepper. They lived in a pasture next to a woods and on the other side there was a big city.

(you'll like this post. it's very funny)

I'm going into the city to scare a woman. Hee hee hee!

(the zigzags on the building is the air vent where he gets in)

Fern says, "RABIES!!!"
The woman says, "Ahhhhhh!!"

(did you notice that the woman's skirt doesn't connect to her body? and the stuff on the bottom right is the air vent.)

The woman types on the phone 9-1-1.

The woman says "There's a rabid gecko in my home!"
The policeman says, "I'll come over in a flash."

(did you notice that his hat flew out the window?)

The policeman says, "Ma'am, there's no gecko in here. You're wasting my time."
The lady says, "Maybe I was seeing things."

Then you can see Fern running into the field saying, "Ha ha ha!"

Meanwhile, in the pasture, Pepper the groundhog smelled smoke. "Oh no! Fire!!! I got to go warn!"

"Thar is a fire Fern! It is in the woods."
"Oh no!" said Fern.

(after these messages, we'll be right back)


  1. lol fantastic story!!!! (did you notice I was laughing?)

  2. I'm holding my breath waiting for the rest of the story! Will Pepper and Fern be safe from the fire? Will the other animals in the woods be safe? What happened to the lady who had a joke played on her? Is she mad? Did she figure out it was a joke and now she's laughing? Does Fern feel bad for tricking the lady and having the emergency people come for nothing? Did the policeman get his hat back? I guess I'll just have to wait until Part 2 comes out!